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Taso Du Val

Co-Founder and CEO at toptal, Board of Advisors at

Entrepreneur and software engineer who has been part of multiple successful ventures including Slide (acquired by Google 2010, $228m), Fotolog (acquired by HiMedia, $100m) and SideChat (acquired by investors).  Before becoming founder and becoming CEO of toptal, he founded a project called tap which spawned off many successful companies including his previous co-founders company GameClosure which Zynga offered more than $100mm to acquire,

He has also been part of the founding team of, which raised more than $7mm in funding from top investors all over the world and is the #1 find art marketplace in the world. 

Taso has spoken at Harvard Business School, Oxford University and Wharton on entrepreneurship and hiring.  His current company, Toptal, backed by the co-founders of Facebook, Zynga and the Rockefellers, is creating the most effective virtual workforce marketplace for engineering talent globally.