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Maksym Pecherskyy

Co-founder and Strategic Development Director, New Strategies Group

Co-founder and Strategic Development Director of New Strategies Group. Specializations: monetization of the Internet, long-term digital strategy, digital marketing 2.0 as integrated part of marketing mix, community marketing, digital branding.

Studied Sociology in Kiev and Bamberg, Business in Birmingham and Bayreuth, Marketing in Munich. Author of numerous publications and presentations on digital marketing, digital strategy and Internet business in various magazines and conferences. Lectures “Digital Social Networks” in Bavarian Academy of Advertising and Marketing, Munich.

Previous to his specialization in planning, building and running digital projects worked 3 years in service marketing at Siemens Healthcare headquarters (Erlangen), one year in project management of the largest project in the world (at that time) "Siemens Shared Services IT" (Munich) and 2 years in development of brands and marketing concepts for domestic and foreign companies from different industries (Kiev).