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Maria Zakharchenko

CEO, Founder ProfDigital

Maria is an entrepreneur with experience in digital marketing, sales, project management and start-up investments. After getting her degree she worked in sales of CRM solutions. Since the age of 23 she has been setting up companies and managing various projects in the digital advertising market. She has a strong belief that the digital advertising world, from the point of the view of an average client, is a jungle. With thousands of companies, agencies, technology providers, there is a niche for companies who would guide clients through the variety of thousands of technical solutions, towards turning the client's marketing costs into measurable, profitable investments. That belief drove her to set up ProfDigital - a company consisting of the best digital specialists on the market providing their clients with measurable marketing tools and solutions.


MBA 2009-2010, KMBS  

Master Degree in Applied Mathematics, NTUU “KPI”