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Rostyslav Chayka

Startup advisor and entrepreneur

Rostyslav is an experienced, enthusiastic and community-oriented entrepreneur, founder of Game Dev Conference, Lviv Startup Club, organization aimed at contributing to Lviv startup community, and startup info portal StartupLine, which gives general overview of Ukrainian startup scene and analytics.

Rostyslav has 10 year experience in education of IT professionals. He organised such conferences as Lviv eCommerce Forum, Lviv Outsourcing Forum, and also Lviv iCamp, Lviv Social Media Camp. Rostyslav has also founded Internet advertisement agency adPrime to get the deep understanding of demands on Ukrainan internet-technology business.

During last 4 last years Rostyslav was involved in consulting startup teams, sharing his experience in building scalable business models and marketing system. Rostyslav graduated from National University 'Ivan Franko' with BS in Applied Mathematics.