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Founder of GVMachines Inc. with its main e-commerce product since January 2010. is based on "computer vision" technology to solve daily problems in retailing. At the moment the company is working with big retailers in Ukraine and plans to expand to the Eastern Europe.

Prior to GVMachines, in 2006, Yegor Anchishkin founded Viewdle and worked as Vice president on product development and further as Technical Director to develop face recognition technology. Viewdle was recognized as the best European start-up twice (at the conferences Plugg and LeWeb08).

Before Viewdle, Yegor worked in the investment business and software development industry. He occupied positions from business developer to the programmer. One of the most interesting projects headed by Yegor was the development of software mp3 player with the world's best performance for CPU CEVA-X1620 processor (at the time the fastest 16bit fixed-point DSP processor).

Beyond that, Yegor worked as the investment manager at TECHINVEST, the pioneering company in high-tech investment in the post-Soviet space, and supported opening of the two software development centers in Kyiv for innovative foreign companies in mobile business - Sonopia and Unwire.

Yegor graduated from the Physics and Technology Institute (the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI") with Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. In general, Yegor’s professional interests are focused on intellectual algorithms applicable to optimize existing business processes and products.