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Aleksey Koval

Director, Co-founder, Gravity Digital Agency

Mr. Koval is the co-founder and director of Gravity Digital Agency, specializing on digital-advertising and development. He is a professional in strategic development, Web development, digital (Internet) advertising, website design, SMM & SMO and more.

Mr. Koval also worked for a not-for-profit organization based in NYC, as well as for a for-profit company in the field of international trade and financing, IT and project development. Mr. Koval worked as Director of Membership Programs and Communications at Princeton Council on World Affairs, NY.

After returning to Ukraine Mr. Koval joined SvitSoft where he not only took on new complex projects, but also refined his skills particularly in Internet Marketing and Web solutions. He also added international focus to the company's overall strategy. After his successful time at SvitSoft, Mr. Koval co-founded Gravity - a digital-developement agency, which focuses not only on web-advertising, but also on strategic development.