Main program

Transform your big idea into a great company in just 4 steps

Eastlabs looks for talented teams with ideas that have the potential to change the world.  We feel that just as important as having an innovative idea that can shake the internet/mobile space, is to have a team determined to execution excellence. 

During an intensive 4-month incubation period, we provide a tailored combination of all additional resources required to speed up the product-to-market process: capital, advice, a place for the team to focus and interact with other entrepreneurs, and connections to partners that are interested in further development of the project to global success

Get selected

Have a brilliant idea? Taking it a step further is easy - fill out the application form and our experts will determine if we can partner with you. You will recieve from us $20,000 to invest in marketing and other resources needed for your rapid growth. Eastlabs receives 15% equity for its overall investment in your company.

Refine your idea

Take full advantage of coaching from our team and a pool of mentors with wide expertise. With a lead mentor, you'll focus on refining the idea and the business model that creates value for you and your customers. We provide you with office space in central Kiev for the team to work together during intensive seed development stage.


Develop the product

After compiling feedback from the mentors, go on to develop the right product for the right market. We will go through numerous iterations with you-launching, testing, pivoting, launching again until feel you found a sweet spot in the market.

Build a company

After getting traction and validating your business assumptions, we'll open doors to scale up your business. From investors to customers, we'll leverage our vast network of contacts to boost adoption of your product.